Become One Of The BPG Coaches

Become part of The BPG community. Put your training and ICF license to work and grow your business as an independent contractor. You will determine the time and commitment you want to make to grow your business. You will be proud of using your years of experience to make a difference in your field while earning a living.

The BPG is looking for ICF coaches who are confident, good listeners, self-starters, and good work ethics, connect well with people and are authentic. If you think you have the drive, ambition and ICF license to become one of The BPG Executive Coaches, please apply.

Benefit of Becoming The BPG Executive Coach

  • Be an essential part of The BPG Community
  • Learn to grow your business
  • Have a positive Support Group to help you grow into your dreams
  • Work as expert in your field
  • Be a part of The BPG Mastermind
  • Have an umbrella to work under

Want to know more about becoming one of The BPG coaches? Please fill out the form for an interview session.

The BPG Coach Application