Executive Business Coaching

Coaching is the key to implementing new skills and information learned through training and development programs.

Assessment: Before the coaching process begins, the BPG coach will conduct an assessment to identify the executive's strengths, weaknesses, and areas they want to improve. This will involve CliftonStrengths 34 which is the best way for them to understand their talents and maximize their potential, and other assessments.

Goal-Setting: Based on the assessment, the BPG coach and executive will work together to set specific, measurable strength-based goals for the coaching process. These S.M.A.R.T goals may relate to specific business outcomes, leadership competencies, or personal development.

Coaching Sessions: The coaching sessions themselves will typically involve a mix of what you accomplished, what didn’t get done, and challenges you are facing. The BPG coach will provide support to the executive as they work to achieve their strength-based goals, and may offer feedback, and strategies for improvement as they work together. It is always the client’s agenda.

Accountability: A key aspect of executive coaching is holding the executive accountable for their progress. The BPG coach may set specific deadlines and milestones, and provide regular feedback on the executive's progress.

Follow-Up: After the coaching package is complete, the coach may follow up with the executive to ensure that they are continuing to make progress and achieving their goals. This may involve periodic check-ins or additional coaching sessions.

Overall, an executive business coaching package is designed to help business executives improve their leadership skills, achieve their professional goals, and become more effective in their roles.

The exact components of the coaching package may vary depending on the BPG coach and the needs of the executive, but the overall goal is to provide personalized, one-on-one support to help the executive reach their full potential.

“Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire!”

~ Arnold H. Glasow

Executive Coaching

Focuses on executives to bring the most from the strategies, goals, action plans and how they implement them with their team and into their lives.

Businesses Coaching

Operates in any segment of commerce from traditional businesses to entrepreneurial start-ups to e-businesses. Business Coaching focuses on working with a business owner to create a distinctive business plan, action steps to grow their business.

Team Coaching

Focuses on group of 8 to 12 people meet bi-monthly to work on a topic, learn from each other, network and create a supportive environment.

Organizational Coaching

Designed to assess and improve performance of an individual or a team. It is very important to improve the skills of the person which can be achieved through proper training by which he can achieve organizational goals and also enhance his knowledge and skills.