Play big and win your game BPG

Play Big And Win Your Game!

Play big and win your game BPG

Did you know that coaching is the secret ingredient that empowers you to play your best game, because it helps you live in your greatness, play big and win your game? In addition, coaching creates solutions, so you can practice and gain new skills . 

 My friends were on the golf course every weekend enjoying the sport.  I also wanted to golf with them and business associates and play big and win my game. I soon discovered I need a coach to be able to play this game.

First of all, I wasn’t  sure where to purchase my clubs, which golf balls were best for me, etc. Suddenly, I went into overwhelm with too many choices.  This was  embarrassing, because I wanted to play big and win my game and couldn’t make the decision. 

Consequently, I started out using a friends clubs.  She helped me find golf lessons at a course we were playing every weekend. Their Pro worked with us on knowing our clubs, how to make a long and short drives, putting, sand traps, etc., so we could play big and win our game.  As a result, of his training we were able to golf 18 holes, start playing big and winning.  He was able to turn our knowledge into some new skills to enjoy the game and play big.

As we continued to golf over the next year we decided to explore new courses.  This brought up new challenges for me.  Now, once again it was time for me to stretch and grow, so I could play big.  This meant more golf lessons—this time from the Pro of the club (the Certified Coach). Therefore,I had a new goal, I wanted to play the 18 rounds at the top of my game and play big and win. In addition, I wanted to win no matter what course we were playing.  He had the knowledge, skills and attitude to coach me to reach my goal. The Pro was playing and winning his game for himself which inspired me.

Now is Time to Hire a Certified Coach!

Just like golf, when you move into anything new you soon are in overwhelm.  To much information and decisions to be made.  It is time to take your knowledge and turn into new skills and attitude with a coach who knows your game and how to play big and win.  Now. is time for you to hire a Certified Coach.  Your coach will help you gain the new awareness, clarify, focus, create a plan on how to win your game. This will give  you a winning attitude to enjoy the challenge of the game and play big and win.

Why a ICF Certified Coach?

As you are looking to stretch and grow and win more of your games it is important that you find a certified coach that knows, plays and has won the game you are playing or want to play.  Play Big and Win Your Game!

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